How to reach the top of your MLM comp plan….the best tip I ever got

The best tip I ever got? Are you ready? Are you really ready?

Never ever give up. If you keep going, keep working on yourself, stay plugged in, keep doing the income-producing activities consistently….you will get there.

Some of the biggest breakthroughs in network marketing come after 6 months to a year in the business. Unfortunately, most people give up way too soon.

Some wise words to ponder from my friend, my mentor and my business coach, Dani Nir McGrath:

We don’t always have instant gratification in life. For instance, you workout and don’t see the number on the scale dropping or you’re building your business but you don’t instantly see profits soaring. But there’s a compound effect working here. There is a tipping point when you push forward consistently and you don’t stop working on your goal. One day, you pick up speed and you hit that momentum. Most folks simply give up too soon. Be unstoppable.


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