It’s election season – can we get political?

I just saw this on Facebook and had to share: The next President will NOT fix your bank account, will not fix your relationships, will not make you more ambitious, will not make you more focused, will not cause you to get into action, will not make you read the right books, will not make your kids respect you, will not take care of your future, will not create a legacy for you to leave behind.

So guess what! It’s up to you. You are in the driver’s seat. Decide to become a better you, and who cares who lives in the white house. Millionaires have been created in every administration. Parents have become their kids’ heroes under every president.

It really is up to you. Don’t look at the news, but rather look in the mirror. There’s the person who will change your family’s situation. You have the vehicle it is YOU INC. if you would just choose to stop being a part-time driver with one foot still on the ground. Get in the car, close the door, and drive it.” -Michael Burns


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