The key to residual income is leverage. You will not create wealth trading time for money or working for someone else. Whether you’re an employee, freelancer or small business owner, whether you make $10 an hour or $10,000, the trap is the same. You want the paycheck, you do the time.
Let’s face it, that’s how most of us were raised to think – that we earn a living with a honest day’s work. But let’s be honest, that system is broken. It’s an exhausting way to live, and it’s not getting easier anytime soon.

Network marketing is entirely different. It’s not about about trading time for money, or hours in and dollars out. It’s about residual income – income that compounds upon itself – that pays time and time again for an initial phase of work. When income is residual, you are leveraging other people’s time and efforts. It is not dependent on the hours that you put in. Everyone in the world wants residual income. So much so that tens of books have been written on the subject. Many of the ways to achieve residual income are incredibly difficult and risky. Network marketing is neither. It is one of the only places where residual income is a realistic possibility for the little people like you and me.

Whether you are sick and tired of your current situation, or just plain sick of working, or if you don’t have a good Plan B, not for now and not for when you’re 65, you need to take a look at this industry. Image


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