The Duplication Formula for Success in Network Marketing

People often ask me what is the true formula for success in network marketing. It is really quite simple actually and it is all about duplication. The first thing I teach new team members is you can not enroll your way to the top, you have to duplicate your way. That is why it is so critical that your company has a simple, duplicatable system to follow so that even a brand new person just getting started in their work at home business can achieve success. The secret to creating true duplication and wealth in our business is this:

Lead a large group of people—to consistently do a few simple actions—over a sustained period of time.

You’ll notice there are three sections that make up the formula. First is the large group of people. You need enough critical mass to get traction and for duplication to take off.

The second element is to have those people perform only a few actions and to keep those actions simple. One of the biggest mistakes newcomers make is to try and quantify everything, and in doing so they add too much complexity. For true duplication we need to focus on actions simple enough that everyone in the large group can replicate.

And finally, you need this to happen over a sustained period of time. I believe in most MLM companies building a solid network is a two- to four-year plan. One of my greatest mentors always says it takes three to five years to create a full time income in this industry. Fortunately, in my current opportunity, we are on a much shorter curve due to our super simple system, outstanding training and support, and extremely mainstream offering.

So while you can earn your initial investment back quickly, even in your first month like I did, it doesn’t always happen in a month or two or even six. We need people to consistently take the actions for a sustained period of time. This is how wealth is created in MLM.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but if you follow the formula – it does happen!


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