What it takes to build real residual income with network marketing

Network marketing is so often misunderstood. Most people have a proconceived notion of what it is. Residual income is the real value, economically speaking, that Network Marketing has to offer. You can earn $50,000 a month selling real estate, or doing mail order, or on the Internet. But how long will it last if you are not there “burning and churning” every day, every week and every month? Where else can you invest three to four years of your part-time life and create something that – built right, and in the right company – could and should last a lifetime? Where else can you invest less than $5,000 and be earning $5,000 a month forever? That little $60,000-a-year income has an asset value of $2 million!

If investors really understood our return on investment and knew the secret to “buying” residual Network Marketing income, it would instantly become the most popular investment of all time. The thing is, you can’t buy it. You have to build it. Here is what you and I and every other Network Marketing field leader has to invest in order to build their very own:

All of your heart
All of your soul
All of your courage
All of your persistence
All of your enthusiasm
All of your leadership
All of your belief and faith
All of your business passion
All of your credibility
All of your contacts
Most of your free time
Some of your money

And if you are investing all this, and creating an income to last a lifetime, I would ask, wouldn’t you want to be sure you are joining the right team? #justsayin


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