The Best Prenatal Vitamin Ever

I spent a large portion of my pregnancies praying to the porcelain g0ds. Morning sickness? Trying morning, day and night. Yup, nonstop nausea for 9 months. It was less than delightful to say the least. When I asked my OB if there was anything I could do his response was “this is the first of many sacrifices you will make for your child” and he was right. Your role as a mom doesn’t start when you leave the hospital with your newborn, it actually begins before conception. Once you decide it’s time to get pregnant it’s time to start taking a high-quality prenatal vitamin. A number of pregnancy complications and serious birth defects can be prevented with good nutrition and a high quality prenatal vitamin. No matter how good you think you eat, there is a good chance that your diet is lacking key vitamins and nutrients that are essential to your well-being and the proper development of your baby.

What Should You Be Looking For?

Dealing with constant nausea, the last thing I could think about was choking down giant horse pills. Swallowing pills produced a gag reflex and I just couldn’t keep them down. Liquid and chewable vitamins tasted disgusting.

Agel MIN is the perfect formula that provides 100% of the RDI of vitamins and 50% of the RDI of minerals in an easy to swallow gel format. It’s the perfect option for everyone who hates swallowing pills or disgusting tasting liquid or chewable vitamins. Even more important, the suspension gel technology allows the body to maximize absorption into the body, drastically increasing the bioavailability of the vitamins. Pill vitamins have to be thoroughly digested before the nutrients reach your body and in most cases, 75-90% of the vitamins come out in your urine. Did you ever notice that after taking a multivitamin your pee turns yellow? That’s because you are literally flushing your money down the toilet with pill vitamins.

Suspension gel technology allows the nutrients to remain in their natural state, pre-hydrated for maximum absorption, optimizing their bioavailability. Vitamins and minerals are the prime foundation of health and wellness and are involved in nearly every biochemical process in your body. Agel MIN gives you the perfect amount of what you need for optimal health with the highest possible absoprtion rate in a convenient, easy to swallow and great testing gel. Does your baby deserve any less?

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