My New Gig

I am thrilled to share with you some very exciting news. Next week I am going to start a new job with the Israel & Overseas Pillar of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. More specifically, I will be working for the Tel Aviv/Los Angeles partnership, managing programs in the Visual & Performing Arts & Entertainment division. The TA/LA Partnership creates mutually beneficial relationships between LA and Tel Aviv. It was created to strengthen the shared Jewish identity and destiny between the people of these two cities and focuses on programs that create engagement with Israel and Jewish identity. One of my main projects will be coordinating the Master Class in Film & Television which takes place this June in Israel. The Master Class brings LA entertainment industry professionals and luminaries to Israel to share Hollywood-style techniques and expertise with up-and-coming filmmakers from TA and LA. Collaborations among participants have led to Academy Award nominations and numerous other film awards. I will also be planning an Arts Patrons mission to Israel as well as other programs that connect artists and art patrons in LA and Tel Aviv.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about this opportunity. I believe it is the perfect marriage of my interests, my love of Israel and Israeli culture, and my past experience in television and production. For those of you wondering, I will be working as a consultant, part-time and will be able to work from home part of the time. I know what you’re thinking. It does seem like this position was created just for me. Sometimes the universe really does listen if you ask the right question.


One response to “My New Gig

  1. Welcome to JFedLA Shira! I’ve seen you on the Facebook page and hope to see you around the 6505 sometime.


    Nicole Davenport
    Social Media Manager
    The Jewish Federationn of Greater LA

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