gotta get my groove back

Next time I decide to train for a marathon and raise $2400 in the worst economy ever…..shoot me. This is getting tiring. On top of taking care of 2 kids who are too young for overnight summer camp, trying to start a new business and keeping up work for my existing clients, I somehow thought this would be a good idea? What was I thinking? Oh yeah, that I wanted to get in kick-ass shape by my 40th birthday and try to help a very important cause while doing so. Focus Shira – FOCUS! Well, after being WIPED out by the flu for 2 weeks (of course when the kids were home during the transition between school and camp), I did not work out for 2 full weeks. I then proceeded to think that I could pull off the 8-mile run during team practice today. Again I am back to, what was I thinking? I guess I knew that if I didn’t go today I might never get my motivation back and that would be it. I’m glad I went. Not sure I’m glad I did the full 8 miles. I think I may regret that tomorrow.


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