Dedicated to Pablo

6-year old Pablo Castelaz died of a very rare form of childhood cancer this week. I didn’t even know Pablo very well. I only met him once at the birthday party of my daughter Leila’s best friend Asa. But his story has shaken me to the core, most obviously because I am blessed with my own sweet little 6-year old at home and can’t even begin to fathom the pain and loss that accompanies this story. I would like to dedicate my blog today to Pablo, the gentle little soul with an infectious smile and a heart of gold. His parents Jeff and Jo Ann are close friends of my friends Brian and Laura. Jeff and Jo Ann shared their roller-coaster ride from hell in a heart-wrenching yet very eloquent diary at If you plan to read it, I must warn you to prepare a box of tissues first. You can also read another loving dedication to Pablo in today’s Huffington Post. Because Pablo’s parents were blessed with ample health coverage but are aware that so many aren’t, they established a fund in his honor to help other cancer-stricken families help pay for coverage at UCLA Children’s Hospital. So this week I am taking a short break from my own fundraising efforts to redirect your attention to the PABlove foundation in order to honor Pablo’s memory.

Rest in peace Pablo, of blessed memory. The world was only privileged with your physical presence briefly but we will continue to draw from the strength of your love and courage. May you be forever surrounded by love and light.


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