Mashable vs. Me

I guess the Vs. in that title is not so appropriate since this isn’t really a competition. After all, any amount of charitable fundraising done by harnessing the power of social media will be considered a good thing. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but feel defeated this week when I saw that Mashable, the largest online Social Media Guide with close to 800,000 Twitter followers, announced its Summer of Social Good challenge – trying to raise $100K in 1 week thru Twitter (for some great charities I might add) while lil ol me (@shiraadatto of roughly 400 followers) is trying to raise $2400 for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society (LLS) by running the Long Beach marathon in October. So I thought I would throw together a few facts to help my cause.  

1. If 1% of Mashable followers donate just $12 – they will have reached their goal. It will take every single one of my followers (100%) donating $6 to meet my goal.

2. I will recognize every single person that donates even $1 towards my campaign by posting their name on my fundraising home page. Mashable will only recognize those individuals who donate more than $80. 

3. A $50 donation to LLS makes a family support group possible where comfort can be found and experiences shared among patients and family members.

4. A $300 donation equals parking for 6 weeks of daily radiation at UCLA/Children’s hospital. 

5. A donation of $400 is transportation for one out-of-state bone marrow donor or covers the 20% co-pay on a month’s supply of prescription meds.

6. LLS has been fighting blood cancers and paving the way towards new treatments since 1949 so that no child, no parent, no person, will have to suffer as a result of this horrible disease.

Remember – every $1 counts.

DONATE NOW on my secure fundraising page!


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