3 miles baby!!!!

Today started out tough. I was really nervous about doing 3 miles and didn’t sleep well as a result. Then I was woken up by the munchkins at 6 am!!!! An 8 am run on a cold and gloomy day on very little sleep is not fun. But somehow our coaches always know how to motivate us. Today we heard the story of a woman diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer 10 years ago. She was given one year to live. Part way through that year, she was put on a clinical trial of a medication whose research was funded by LLS. The trial was successful and approved by the FDA. 10 years later, she is living a practically normal life and managing her cancer with just 2 pills a day. Incredible. After hearing a story like that, it was very easy to get psyched up for our run. We ran through the beautiful green hills of Malaga Cove on the PV peninsula. When I wasn’t focused on the run I was salivating over the beautiful homes. The beginning of the run was uphill and most of us had to walk it. But about a 1/4 mile in we hit a dirt path and the terrain flattened out so I was able to run the rest. It felt awesome. I still can’t believe I am doing this.


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