my first group training

Today was the first group run. I had been really nervous about it but I did it and it couldn’t have felt better. We only did a mile but I managed to jog the whole thing. I wasn’t the fastest, but I also wasn’t the slowest. Considering I was probably one of the older members of the group, they were mostly youngens in their 20’s, a few 30-somethings and a few older than me, I think I did pretty good. I was especially pleased that I ran the whole thing without any walking. I might even dare to say that I enjoyed the run, the sweat, the challenge. For the first time I can see why people actually get addicted to running. I am already looking forward to my next run. On top of everything else, the coaches are great, very inspiring and fun people. We also got to hear about their backgrounds and why they do this, the cancer patients who originally inspired them to get involved. It was a great reminder about why we are doing this and what we are hoping to accomplish.


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